Discover Saigon - The Sleepless City

As the most dynamic city in Vietnam, Saigon is an ideal gateway for both local and foreign travelers to discover beautiful destinations and hospitality people. Located in Mekong Delta, Saigon is the largest city in Vietnam with the population up to 8 million. This city is considered as the second heart of Vietnam and a "Pearl of Far East".

In this most dizzying, dynamic city in Vietnam, you can’t miss the nightlife of Saigon. When the sun goes down, a new lifestyle of Saigon will start with the different variety of entertainments, destinations, and interesting activities. The nightlife in Saigon is vibrant with its overwhelming atmosphere. That’s the reason why some articles said that “The real life of Saigon just starts after midnight"

To feel all the charm and energy of Saigon nightlife, tourist should start from Nguyen Hue Walking Street. Located in the middle of District 1 and in front of People Committee Establishment of Ho Chi Minh City, the Walking Street has total 900m in length and 60m in width. Day after day, it becomes one of the most modern Walking Streets in Vietnam. You can sit here and enjoy the cool wind from Saigon River or eat delicious dishes from vendors, along two sides of walking street you also easily find some amazing bars or luxury restaurants. Especially, in the evening of Saturdays and Sundays, parades, flower festival or art performances are taken place here. If you don’t want to squeeze in the crowd people, you can go to small coffees along the way, listen to music and watch the boulevard from above.

Pho Tay is another must-come place in Saigon. The number of foreign tourists in this area accounts for 90 percent; that is the reason why this street is called Pho Tay (Street for foreigners). When the night falls, Pho Tay becomes more and more animated and lively with people walk freely on the road. With just a chair and a glass of beer, you can sit here all night and listen to music or have a small chit chat with friends. Pho Tay is really crowded after 9 pm, especially on weekends and holidays.

Referring to Saigon, we cannot ignore its tasty cuisine. Located in Thu Khoa Huan Street, next to Ben Thanh Market, Ben Thanh street food market is a great place to satisfy your hungry stomach with various options and affordable prices. Moreover, while tasting delicious dishes, eaters can watch dancing or singing performances right in the market. Ben Thanh street food market is definitely a paradise for food lovers. Here you can taste many irresistible dishes such as pho, kebab rice noodle, broken rice, crispy pancake or spring rolls. With unique street food style, Ben Thanh night market has quickly become a gathering place for many domestic and foreign tourists.

Besides these places, tourists also have many other choices to discover Saigon at night. You can have a cocktail at the rooftop bars. Watching the panoramic view of Saigon’s night while enjoying a cocktail will be a great experience for every tourist or having dinner on a cruise in Saigon River then try your luck at Casino in several luxury hotels. If you are looking for some cheap options, you can take a small trip to flower night market to feel the rhythm of “very different Saigon".