Discover Hue at night time

When it comes to Vietnam tourism, one of the most prioritized places that you should not ignore is Hue. It can be said that as the ancient capital of Vietnam, Hue has both antique and modern beauty, making it an ideal place for many visitors. And tourists who come to Hue can now see the exciting, interesting and new features of this place.

Trang Tien Bridge sparkling at night

Trang Tien bridge is now considered the most beautiful bridge in Hue. Perhaps anyone who travels Hue also wants to go for a walk to this poetic place at least once. But if visitors only want to enjoy and look at the scene, they should wait for until the night comes because the weekend is the time when the bridge is seen as the most beautiful.

Hue chanty on Huong River at night

You may feel sad when strolling in Hue at night, and maybe even sadder if it is a rainy night. Based on the experience of traveling Hue on such a sad night, visitors should listen to Hue chanty to be able to feel more relaxed and happier.

Walking around night street in Hue

The night street in Hue for tourism has just opened in recent years. The largest night street here is Nguyen Dinh Chieu walking street with thousands of tourists who come to Hue and local people being here to take part in entertainment activities every night.

In addition, there are also many souvenirs sold at shops such as Hue wooden pedicab, strings of beads, Hue paintings and so on. Visitors can easily make choice of a souvenir they like after visiting Hue.

The night streets are now contributing to creating the vibrant and noisy nightlife in Hue while the number of tourists from various provinces to Hue is increasing rapidly.

Drink "Bet" coffee around the lakes

When the night falls, sitting in a cafe which is separated from the outside world, you probably feel lonely. But if you come to the “bet” cafe, you will feel the exciting atmosphere of this ancient capital that is by its nature quiet. And such places are probably one of the features to attract tourists to Hue at night.

Especially in the hot summer, tourists can leisurely admire the lake with green willow trees swinging in the wind. Such feeling will certainly make you feel more relaxed and comfortable under the hot weather in the summer.

Above are some suggested places you should visit when you travel Hue. Maybe when you set foot in Hue, you will have some wonderful experiences and gain more knowledge about the practices, customs, as well as people here. In addition to mentioned places, you also can discover other destinations in Hue by yourself to be able to give your assessment yourself and enjoy amazing entertainment activities here, especially at night. So what are you waiting for without coming to Hue to experience amazing things now?